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CourtReserve Reservation System

Note that the CourtReserve System can only be accessed by SLPC Members


We are pleased to announce the launch of a reservation system for the SLPC. "CourtReserve" is an app used by many clubs around the world.


Each Member will receive an email from Court Reserve with a link to the member portal. Click on that link. It will bring you to a page to create a password to link with your email address as username.


Once you have created your password, you are officially in the system. You can then access the system online at and logging in or by downloading the Court Reserve app on your phone. We highly recommend downloading the app and becoming familiar with the app interface (very user friendly on your devices).


Note you do not need to sign-in you have already been signed in.


You will be asked to set the SLPC as your primary club.  After you accept, you can begin to explore the site. 

Go to 'My Account' and look through the auto populated fields to make sure your information is correct under 'personal information'.  A couple of notes: as this system does not take a rating range the rating shown is at the bottom end of the range submitted in your application, and, under membership price the word “free” is actually a membership balance owing which we will be tracking outside of this system.


A few overriding notes::

  • Every SLPC member is required to join the reservation system; without a reservation you cannot access the courts.


  • The purpose of the system is for members to be able to see what is scheduled on the courts at all times, and more importantly to be able to reserve a specific open court on a specific day and time for social use.


  • The rules and restrictions for reservations in our system, as determined by the Board can be found on our website under Court Rules > Reservation Rules.


We appreciate your patience as we work through the inevitable kinks at the beginning. The system is live right now. Book away!


See you on the courts!


Best regards,

The SLPC Board


Before getting into reservation policy there are a few terms to get used to:

  • Events:  These are blocks of court time allocated for members only play (they are the coloured blocks on the Events Calendar).  As a general rule three of the four courts have been dedicated to “Events” in the desirable morning period (9AM-1PM) every weekday.  Based on the current number of members, and the level of play profile of the membership, two broad categories of play have been established:  “Advanced” and “Everyone Welcome.” 

  • Reservations:  These are open blocks of court time that members, or members with guests, can book for their exclusive use.  When you open “Book a Court” you will see the courts that are available with the word “Reserve”.  A few prime time blocks of time on weekdays are available to reserve, as well as afternoons and Sundays.       


As you get familiar with this system, remember this is the first of many steps to toward what we are convinced will evolve into valuable asset for Club members.  If you are encountering problems with the system we encourage you to let us know so we have an opportunity to address them.


Shawnigan Lake Pickleball Club Reservation Policies

These policies relate to the button “Reserve” under the tab “Book a Court”, they do not apply to Events.

  • Each member may have one reservation per day to a maximum of 180 minutes per day.

  • Each member may have three reservations per week to a maximum of 540 minutes per week.

  • Prime time reservations (from 9:00AM to 1:00PM every day) are limited to 120 minutes.  Please book for either a 9-11 or 11-1 session.  These reservations are included in the maximum one reservation per day and three per week policy.

  • Reservations made the “day of” the reservation start time (i.e. within 8 hours of the reservation start) will bypass the daily and weekly restrictions noted above.

  • The booking window to reserve courts opens seven days in advance, for example:

Monday at 8am - all open times for the following Monday become accessible

Tuesday at 8am - all open times for the following Tuesday become accessible etc..


Guests are allowed and must be listed on a court reservation. As per club policy, there is a guest fee of $5 per guest per visit. Up to four guests can be invited per month. Refer to our website for the guest policy.


There are three types of reservations that can be booked by members.


Singles - 2 players (members and/or a guest) must be listed on the court reservation.


Doubles - 4 to 5 players (members and/or guests) must be listed on the court reservation.


Family - This reservation type can be made by a single member without attaching 3 other members to the court reservation. This type can be used when playing with members of your immediate family who are not listed in the system (your spouse / children under 18 / grandchildren). This is only available for the "off-peak" hours of 12PM-8PM each day. There is no charge for spouses, children or grandchildren.


There are no gender restrictions of any kind on court reservations.


Advance Booking - Although you can only book up to 7 days in advance, you can view the Courts Schedule up to 30 days in advance to see any events that may already be planned on the courts prior to the booking window opening.


Reservation Cancellations - Reservations should be canceled at least 12 hours prior to the reservation, if possible. The system will be tracking the number of cancellations made by each member within a 2 hour window before a reservation and a consistent pattern of cancellation will be addressed. It is only courteous to cancel your reservation and free up your court as early as possible if you will not be using it.


There are number of other restrictions that the system has in place that you are unlikely to run into, so for the sake of brevity, we will not delve into them here.

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