Shawnigan Lake Pickleball Club

Guest Restrictions​

  • Members who invite guests must be on the Elford Rd. Cricket Club site with the guests for the whole duration of their visit.


  • Members must ensure all guests have been fully vaccinated for COVID 19 prior to entry on to the Cricket Club site.


  • ​Members may invite: 


            -   One guest to any session* at any time,

            -  Two guests to one session once every two calendar weeks, and,

            -  Three guests to one session once a calendar month. 


  • Members may invite a maximum of four guests per calendar month


  • Members may invite the same guest a maximum of twice per month, up to a yearly maximum of 10 times.


  • If inviting a guest to a designated session, for example Men's 4.0 Drop-in, it is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that the guest has achieved that level of play.  ​​​


  • When a Member signs up for a session they must provide the name(s) of the guest(s) they are inviting to that session.


  • The guest rate per person for a session is $5.  Members are responsible for collecting the fees and depositing then in the onsite lock-box. 

* a session is any block of time up to a maximum of three hours  for either designated / organized play,  or undesignated play.