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The Shawnigan Lake Pickleball Club

is now Accepting Membership Applications for 2023


Bring Your Group and Have a Trial Session

Get a few friends together and come and visit us.  Merely tell us when you are interested in playing (afternoons and Sundays are best) and we will have someone on site to meet you and show you about; no fee is required.  We are located only 25 minutes north of Victoria. To reserve a court time, for directions or for any questions you may have we can be contacted at:

What we offer:

  • Four state of the art courts with joint saving Laykold gel surface near Shawnigan Lake (see below)

  • Full size courts and each court fully fenced

  • Book courts with no additional fees

  • Clubhouse and deck access for events

  • Club supplied balls

  • Ball machine

  • Reasonable annual dues

Our Court Surface - Save Wear and Tear on Your Legs!!


The Club has completed the installation of a new cushion playing surface, Laykold Masters Gel.  It is the first application of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.


The surface was supplied and overseen by Laykold. It provides an estimated 17% force reduction which minimizes the depth of ‘foot depression’ and protects an athlete’s knees and ankles from injury during high-velocity, lateral changes of direction.


It doesn’t just absorb the force an athlete produces during competition, it returns that energy to the athlete, reducing fatigue.


For an SLPC membership application form click here:

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