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Shawnigan Lake Pickleball Club Rules

Effective January 1, 2022  

Updated September 2023 (update in italics)


Access to the courts:  Only Members and registered guests (see the page on guest restrictions) can access the courts.


Access to the Clubhouse:  Access to the Clubhouse to use the washrooms is permitted at any time to members and guests.  Until further notice access to the deck and other areas of the Clubhouse must be arranged through a Director (send a request to


Parking:  Until further notice, members using the courts must park off-road in the Cricket Club parking lot.


Court Opening and Closing Hours:  Play must not commence prior to 9:00 AM and play must be completed by 8:00 PM.


Maximum Number of Players:  To ensure good relations with our neighbours a maximum of 20 players can be on the courts at any one time.


Footwear:  Non-marking court shoes are mandatory.


Balls and Paddles:  The Club will make balls available for use, however, players can use any ball they agree to play.    Paddles are rated for noise; it would be the Club’s preference if quieter paddles are used. 


Line calls:  Always accept decisions of the referees. In instances where there are no referees, the decision is made by the team on the receiving side; their decision is to be accepted. 


Smoking – Regardless of the product, smoking is not permitted on the Cricket Club site.


Dogs - Dogs are not allowed on the courts.  In the common area between the courts dogs are discouraged.  In the event that a member brings a dog they must be controlled at all times by the member (e.g. on a leash).


On Leaving the Courts – Ensure that all refuse is removed and the gate is closed.

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