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Sessions Defined


Open Play - Everyone is welcome.

Recreational - This social and fun style of play is great for players new to the game. 


Beginner Recreational is for those who have just completed lessons and are brand new to play, with limited understanding of rules of play.

Novice Recreational is for those who have limited experience, can sustain a short rally with players of equal ability, and who have a basic ability to keep score.
Recreational is for those who have some experience playing, and play at a variety of levels above novice.

Mens and Ladies Ladder – Players play a round-robin game format on one court. Winners then move up and lowest scores move down.  Play tends to be of a competitive nature.

Round Robin – Players are given a number and rotate each game to play someone new, based on the number of courts and participants for the session. Host will set up rotation depending on the groups skill levels and attendance.

Drills and Skills – This is an opportunity to work on technique and game strategy through drills with a club mentor for a full hour. A great way to improve your game.

Designated Play – These sessions have eligibility criteria for play on specific courts. A VPA Club Rating is required.  The club rating is determined though players and the ratings committee using filters such as the UTPR (USA Pickleball), Tournament Bracket play 2018-2020, previous club performance-based rating, or a skills session with an International Teaching Pickleball Professional Association (IPTPA)  Certified Rating Specialist Level 4/5 that is not more than 3 years old. This is a chance to play with like-skilled players to improve your game and strategic play. VPA Designated Play sessions are defined at this time as follows

  • 2.750-2.999

  • 3.000-3.249

  • 3.250-3.499

  • 3.500-3.749

  • 3.750-3.999

  • 4.000+

    • 3.000-3.249 = A VPA Club rating of between 3.000 - 3.249 skills level is required

    • 4.000+ = a VPA Club rating of 4.0 skills level or higher is required

Wild Card – Live on the wild side. You never know what you are going to get. The hosts determine the play format based on the groups’ skill levels and attendance numbers.


Partner Play – Simply partner up with a friend or loved one and play as a pair. Hosts will determine the format for play rotation depending on the groups’ skill levels and attendance.

Performance-Based Play – These sessions are designed to capture real game results that are uploaded to the ratings engine.  The ratings engine uses an algorithm similar to that used to create the USA Pickleball Universal Tournament Player Rating (UTPR) and takes into consideration the probability of the stronger team winning based upon combined team ratings, the point spread, and other factors. This is done for every game played and a players rating number changes with each and every game played.  This system is self-correcting and a player will move in both directions, but over time, (25-30 games) players will find their most reliable rating within the club.  

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